Male Liger vs Male Lions - Behavior Comparison

In the captivity, male lions show some unique behaviors as compared to other wild cats. The same is true about the male ligers as well. Male lions during the early phase of their lives, like when they are cubs and immature males, they tend to be highly friendly. At this age of time, they like to be socialize, the give a greater acceptance for the environment around them.

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Male Lions are Playful when they are Young. Mature Lions become aggressive and ferocious.
Male Lions are playful when they are young cubs. However; when they grow old and become mature they become highly aggressive. This picture belongs to 

The same is about young ligers as well. When they are cubs, they are highly socialized. They love to play, they permit acceptance and they respond in a positive way to the environment around them.

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Liger Cubs are very playful and Socialize.
Liger cubs are highly playful when they are young. Liger Cubs love to socialize and they are joyful when they are young. This picture belongs to 

But when the male lions grow older within the captivity, they become more territorial. Their acceptance for the new attributes starts to minimize. In other words they become less tolerant. More specifically they start to become more ferocious. This is where they become very dangerous. They demand to practice authority at their territories.

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Mature Male Lions are highly aggressive indeed.
Mature Male Lions are always aggressive and dangerous; whenever they grow old. They have personality disorder and they often attack their masters as well. This picture belongs to 

Even tigers behave in the similar way as well. According to one report each year about 10 people in United States get killed through tigers as their own exotic pets.

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Mature Ligers behavior is calm and peaceful as they have a very mild personality.
Mature Ligers are calm, peaceful and have very mild personality. Mature Ligers are highly responsive with their masters. Unlike Male Lions and tigers, male ligers when grow up they are more socialize and friendly. This picture belongs to 

This kind of behavior is absent among the ligers. When they grow mature, they still like to be socialized. They respond to the trainers. They become more playful. They empower others to come and utilize their territorial traits etc. They may become sober at the higher ages, but they use to show a very mild personality. They are more tolerant and they are highly responsive to their trainers.

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Mature Ligers are less territorial.
Mature Male Ligers are less territorial. They stay calm, and always welcome the arrival of any new big cat within their territories. This picture belongs to 

Therefore, ligers tend to have mild personality and they are not as much ferocious as compared to the lions when they grow older.

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Ligers have Mild Personality.
Ligers have a Mild Personality, and that also makes them highly preferable by the zookeepers in the zoo. However; there have been some examples of liger attacks as well. Rocky the Liger killed its keeper which shows that liger was not at all by any means confined to a mild personality. This picture belongs to