Dr. Bhagavan Antle & Ligers

Dr. Bhagavan Antle is a great liger researcher. He has been associated with ligers for almost 4 decades. This is the biggest experience for a big cat researcher especially about ligers. Dr. Bhagavan Antle has concluded a lot of facts about ligers some of which will be stated within upcoming writing of this article. According to Dr. Bhagavan Antle an adult male liger is capable of consuming more than hundred pounds of meat in a single sitting. But usually they are given around 20 pounds of meat per day to make them active, and avoid obesity or any other diseases within ligers.
Dr. Bhagavan Antle has specifically and openly concluded that Ligers are not sterile. Dr. Bhagavan Antle is of the opinion that it is very stupid to consider that ligers are sterile. According to Dr. Bhagavan Antle ligers can reproduce. Female ligers reproduce better than male ligers.

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Liger and Dr. Bhagvan Antle.
Picture of a Liger with Dr. Bhagavan Antle. Dr. Antle has more than 25 years of experience with Ligers. This picture belongs to 

Dr. Bhagavan Antle strongly believes that ligers have existed in the wild and there is a real time possibility about existence of the ligers.

Dr. Bhagavan Antle is of the opinion that if there would be one hundreds of thousands of lions and hundreds of thousands of tigers, having their territories being overlapped, there is a greater possibility that tigers and lions will mate with one another. This mating will definitely result in ligers or tigons.

Dr. Bhagvan Antle is of the opinion that Ligers are not weak. Ligers are very strong. Ligers can run faster. Ligers have huge body and their bones are meant to carry out large weights of muscles on their bodies.

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Ligers are healthy according to Dr. Bhagavan Antle.
Dr. Bhagvan Antle concludes that Ligers are as healthy as Lions and tigers (Naturally). He is of the opinion that there is no question about their healths. This picture belongs to  

Dr. Bhagavan Antle has also observed that ligers live as long as lions and tigers. Ligers are not prone to any diseases at all. Dr. Bhagavan Antle is of the opinion that if Prizzly bears are possible in the wild, then why not the ligers? Liger is 900 pound 12 foot long gigantic animal. Like lions, ligers are very social, but when the lions grow older they become ferocious, on the other hand ligers when they grow older they inherit a very mild personality.

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Ligers Existence in the wild by Dr Bhagavan Antle.
Dr. Bhagavan Antle firmly believed that Ligers do exist in the wild as well and it can be very natural process too. This picture belongs to 

Dr. Bhagavan Antle also has a very keen observation about the food and weight gain of the ligers. Dr. Bhagavan Antle says that if we shall give ligers about more than 100 pounds of meat in one sitting, they will grow up to 1500 pounds, but then they will not walk very well and will most probably like to sit and such kind of a behavior will not be a normal for a big cat.

He also warned people that No one should have tiger, lion or liger as a pet in the home. In USA everything is possible but still according to Dr. Antle, he will never advise anyone to have tigers, lions or ligers etc as their pets. Even his own ligers are not its pet but they were part of an educational program for people education.

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Liger is capable of eating 100 pounds according to Bhagavan Antle.
In a single eating a Liger is capable of eating more than 100 pounds. But Bhagvan Antle stated that this will not make a healthy liger example. This picture belongs to