Ligers and Other Hybrids

Apart from liger, there are many different kinds of hybrids as well. These include tigon, mule, hinny, beefalo, zeedonk, zorse and wholphin etc. It is very much clear that ligers result from a male lion and female tiger. A tigon results from a male tiger and female lion. A mule results from a male donkey and mare. A hinny results from male horse and female donkey. A beefalo results from male bison and female cow. A zeedonk results from male zebra and female donkey. A zorse results from male zebra and female horse. A wholphin results from male whale and female dolphin (Renton, 2009).

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Ligers and other Hybrids.
A Chart Indicating Ligers and all the other Hybrids. 

Animal Father Mother
Liger Lion Tiger
Tigon Tiger Lion
Mule Donkey Mare
Hinny Horse Donkey
Beefalo Bison Cow
Zeedonk Zebra Donkey
Wholphin Whale Dolphin

Apart from that li-liger, li-tigon, ti-liger, ti-tigon are also possible as well since ligers can mate with males of tigers and lions.

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Liger Hybrid.
A Hybrid Liger at a Zoo within United States. Ligers are very popular just like many other hybrids. This picture belongs to