Ligers and Cruelty

Over the past couple of years, there has been a great rise in the reproduction of the ligers. United States is the country of ligers, as it has most numbers of ligers than any other country all around the world. China is the second country having most numbers of ligers on its soil. However, along with the breeding of ligers, the concerns have also being raised over the ethics and cruelty with the ligers. India was the first country, which gave the opportunity to reproduce the ligers with a human intervention. This article focuses on some shocking cruel facts for which ligers are actually breed and then dumped which is the cruelest of all.

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Liger Cruelty is common around the world.
Liger Cruelty is very common around the world. Either they are not treated well, or they are left abandoned because simply they require too much things to be alive. This picture belongs to 

In United States of America, there is a huge demand for having exotic animals as their pets. Some reports have confirmed that exotic big cats business is as big as multi-billion dollars in United States. Some people are solely breeding ligers for the sake of money. People initially purchase the cubs, they might treat them well, but whenever, they grow up, and these ligers are actually left abandoned because people have no space for them to feed and to take care.

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Ligers are used as Trade Commodity.
Ligers are used as a trade commodity which is a very sad thing. It should only be used as a loving animal, if and only it has to be existed. This picture belongs to 

In our project we have experienced different ligers that have been living in the poor conditions at the local homes and they were being rescued by the wild cat sanctuary. Freckles the liger is one such example, it was saved from highly unfavorable conditions. Her teeth even decayed because of starvation as well as unhygienic conditions.

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Ligers are believed to be living in Poor Conditions.
There are many examples which usually conclude that ligers have been living in the poor conditions. The example of Freckles the liger was one such example, which had a horrible past of even starvation periods as well. Now Freckles the liger lives at Big Cat Rescue Centre. This picture belongs to 

Not only these ligers and other big cats pose a huge threat to the people living in the surroundings where they are living with the exotic animals. One survey reported that just through tigers each year about 10 people get killed. At the end people just kill them or just euthanize them to death.

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Liger also face Dangers of Deaths because they become dangerous for the surrounding people.
Ligers face deaths when they become dangerous for the people in the surroundings. Whenever; this animal attacks, he gets death just because to show its instinct. This picture belongs to 

Some experts also believe that ligers and other big cats do not end up well in their life. They are either left abandoned to die, or smuggled to other countries for different reasons. They smuggle the animal while sedating them again and again which can be a life threatening situation for the ligers and other big cat.

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Ligers face life dangers through smuggling as the animal is sedated which may cause death of the ligers too.
Ligers also face dangerous situations while smuggling. The animal is sedating completely during the smuggling process and this overdose of sedation might cause the death of the animal as well. This picture belongs to 

People even take away the teeth of the ligers and other wild cats as well. This can be one of the most painful procedures for an animal. Some even cut the nails at the paws of the big cats as well so that they do not hurt others. Imagine an animal that cannot eat properly, and does not have any natural habitat. This is a living worst than a slave as you are making the ligers being handicapped so that they do not hurt others.

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Ligers Paw Nails and Tooth are elminated, so that the animal become less harmful to others.
Some people even eliminate their paw-nails and tooth as well, so that they animals do not cause much harm, even if it has to attack another person. This picture belongs to