Patrick the Liger - Liger Profile

Patrick the Liger lived at the Shambala Zoo Preserve located near the desert of Los Angeles California. Patrick the liger was a great attraction of the Shambala Zoo and people used to come from all around the world to watch this amazing animal. According to the keepers of the Patrick, it had the traits of both the lions and tigers combined. For example Patrick the liger loved to swim in the water, which reflected its tiger's trait while it loved to be socializing as well which proved his trait to be like that of the lions. In the wild lions love to socialize, while tigers live a solitary life; furthermore; lions avoid water while tigers love to swim and hunt in the water as well. Both of these traits were common within Patrick the liger.

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Liger Patrick inside the cage in United States.
Patrick the liger at an animal sanctuary in United States. Image Courtesy of 

Patrick’s previous life experience was not that much good enough. He was kept in a cage, which was not so big enough and that cage has also caused its back legs to suffer as well. However, in the current animal preserve, Patrick is specifically given all the amenities of a natural environment. There is a water reserve where it lives, and it really enjoys being in the water and loves to swim. The weight of Patrick is about 800 pounds. Patrick the liger used to roar like lions to claim his territory.

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Liger Patrick hungry for its meal.
Picture of hungry looking Patrick the liger. Patrick the liger was adopted to the animal sanctuary. Photo Courtesy of 

Patrick the liger had a beautiful trimmed mane around his neck. A Liger either doesn't have any mane around its head or if there is a mane it is not as big and huge as that of the lions. His legs were reasonably longer and bigger which could easily support a weight of more than 800 pounds. Patrick was around 10 to 11 feet long. Ligers are known to be as long as 12 feet as well. World's famous liger Hercules the liger is around 11.4 feet long.

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Patrick the Liger having lunch of meat.
Patrick the Liger Eager for having its lunch at an animal sanctuary. Special thanks to 

Patrick has gained a lot of popularity. Patrick also had a big recognition for its appearance on the cover magazine of the national geographic (Confessions of a pop culture addict, 2010). Being just not more than 100 ligers at maximum all around the world (Some estimates say there are only 10), Patrick’s appearance on the cover page gives him a huge boost and recognition.

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Patrick the Liger patroling and moving around the animal sanctuary in United States.
Patrick the liger moving and patroling around the animal sanctuary in United States. Image Courtesy of 

Patrick the liger was highly sociable. He seemsed to be very nice with other cats at the Shambala. Whether it was lions or the tigers, Patrick did have good relations with both of them. Patrick the liger lived for around 18 years. This also gives a clear indication and proof that ligers live as long as lions and tigers. Lions and tigers in the wild are only able to live around 10 years and in the captivity their lifespan is around 15 years. 18 years is a great lifespan for a liger. Patrick the liger was highly popular among the school kids in the surroundings as well.

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Liger Patrick is very popular.
Patrick the liger is very popular at the local community. This photo belongs to