Tallest Liger - Sinbad the Liger (Tallest in The World)

Sinbad is the tallest Liger in the world. Sinbad the liger lives in USA (United States of America). Sinbad the liger is the brother of the world’s famous liger Hercules the liger. Sinbad the liger also have 2 more liger brothers which are Zeus the liger and Vulcan the Liger. Sinbad is tallest of them all. Sinbad has been living for more than 10 years in an animal Sanctuary at Parrot Jungle Island in Miami, Florida. Sinbad the liger is trained by Dr. Bhagavan Antle who holds the best and greatest experience of Ligers on Earth.

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Liger Sinbad is the Tallest Liger in the world.
Sinbad the Liger is the tallest Liger in the world. Sinbad the liger also weighs more than 900 Pounds. Sinbad the liger lives in an animal sanctuary under the supervision of Dr. Bhagvan Antle. This picture belongs to 

Sinbad the liger is almost six feet and a quarter taller (higher from ground), if we start measuring it from its feet to the top of its ears. Sinbad has longer legs than other ligers, which makes him taller than the other ligers. In terms of weight, Sinbad weighs more than 900 pounds but Sinbad is slightly less in weight as compared to its brother Hercules the Liger, who is the biggest liger in the world weighing well over 900 Pounds.

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Hercules the liger sitting on a stool during annual King Richard's Faire.
A Liger trying to sit at the show in Miama. This show's name is King Richard's faire.  

Sinbad is not only the tallest, but also the most spoiled liger. In one statement Dr. Bhagavan Antle was of the opinion that among all the ligers he had treated, he has seen and experienced Sinbad as being the most spoiled liger. Even though he is spoiled, but Dr. Bhagvan Antle says that Sinbad is a very good liger to have at his animal sanctuary. At times he is non-disciplined but on many big occasions Sinbad has proved himself as a well-mannered Big Cat.

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Liger Sinbad is 6 Feet and a Quarter more Taller in its height.
Sinbad the Liger is taller than six feet and a quarter more (couple of inches more) while standing from the feet to the tips of its ears. This picture belongs to 

This tallest liger on earth (Sinbad the Liger) has made several appearances e.g., The Ultimate Cat Documentary on Discovery Channel and on National Geographic. Sinbad the liger in that documentary was compared with a Bengal Tiger in terms of its height and he was way too much taller than a fully grown Bengal Tiger. Not only this, but also Sinbad easily captured (without jumping) meat which was placed more than 13 feet tall. On another hand a tiger had to make a fully stretched jump to catch the meat from the same distance.

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Liger Sinbad has Longer Legs.
Sinbad the liger has longer legs, which makes him the tallest liger in the world. Ligers have biggest legs of all the big cats on earth. Their legs have to be big and strong, because these legs have to carry a weight of about 900 Pounds which is massive. This picture belongs to 

This tallest liger (Sinbad the liger) loves to swim with its friends at the animal sanctuary. Unlike lions, ligers do love to swim and find it very easy to move, play and even ambush within waters. However; tigers do possess these qualities of admiring water, and this tallest liger has fully inherited this trait from its mother the Female Siberian Tiger.

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Liger Sinbad compared with a Tiger.
Another picture of Sinbad the liger. Look at the height of Sinbad the liger it is well over that of the tiger which is a fully grown male Bengal Tiger. This picture belongs to 

Since Sinbad is the tallest liger in the world, he has also shut-up all the critics who believe that ligers have smaller legs. If we measure the legs of the Sinbad, its legs are more than twice the size of a tiger or a lion. This is evidence from Sinbad and many other ligers, is a question mark about the authenticity of the individuals who criticize about ligers not being tall, having smaller legs and not having a sustainable structure to support such a huge weight.

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Liger Sinbad has a tallest heighest among all the ligers.
Height-wise Sinbad the liger still looks massive while sitting. Look at those legs of Sinbad the liger. They are very big and too much longer as compared to the Tiger. They are more than double than that of the Liger. This picture belongs to