Biggest Liger Ever Recorded

Biggest Ligers in the world carry a huge and long list. Many Ligers during their peak and prime were the biggest ligers of all time or during their times. This article takes into account all the biggest ligers that have ever existed in the world. This also includes world's famous liger Hercules the liger as well. There are confirming reports about weights of the ligers to be around 900 pounds to 1000 pounds. But after 1000 pounds, in the online records, there haven’t been many records. One report suggests a liger of 1200 pounds, while another report suggests that in Wisconsin, there was a liger which weighed more than 1600 pounds.

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Liger Hercules is biggest with 900 Pounds of Weight.
Hercules the liger is the biggest liger in the world as of 2013 (also as of 2010, 2009, 2011 and 2012). Hercules the liger weighs more than 900 Pounds and it is the most famous liger in the world.  

Weight is a typical factor that influences the size of the ligers. Male ligers are bigger in size as compared to the female ligers. Female ligers weight less but yet still they weigh more than a wild African male lion. However, some female ligers are reported to have weighed 425 pounds, the weight is still huge and even in some instances greater than the male African lions.

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Liger Patrick was biggest with 800 Pounds. Patrick was one of the biggest ligers in the world.
Patrick the Liger was also one of the biggest ligers in the world. Patrick the Liger Weighed around 800 to 900 Pounds. It was a huge life. It was also very famous Liger. Patrick the Liger also appeared on National Geographic Website as well. This picture belongs to 

From these recorded data, 1600 pound liger seems to be the biggest liger ever on earth in Wisconsin. However, there have been a lot to confirm about the credibility of the report as well. In this article we shall take a record of different ligers and then depict their weights accordingly.

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Liger Rocky was biggest with 1200 Pounds Weight.
Rocky the liger was biggest with 1200 Pounds. But some sources say that Rocky the liger was only famous for its aggressiveness and its weight was speculated by the individuals. Normally Rocky the Liger weighed around 800 to 1000 Pounds.  

• A female liger named as Freckles weighed 425 pounds at the age of 16, surely this liger would have weighed much more during its prime year period (5 to 12).
• Rocky the liger weighed about 1200 pounds.
• Sinbad the liger weighed 900 pounds.
• Hercules the liger also weighed 900 pounds as well.
• Hobbs the liger was also one of the biggest liger which weighed more than 1200 Pounds as well.

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Liger Hobbs was biggest with 1200 Pounds Weight. Hobbs was a very famous liger at Sierra Zoo.
Hobbs the liger weighed more than 1200 Pounds as well. Hobbs the liger was an obese liger; and you can also see it in the picture that it has more weight than its body. Hobbs was still an adorable liger and people loved to watch it on Regular basis at Sierra Zoo. This Picture belongs to 

• Nook the liger used to have 1400 pounds of weight( Breuckman Website, 2007)
• A female liger named as Ariana weighed 400 pounds.
• A liger named Samson was more than 1000 pounds as well.
• Another liger named as Patrick weighed about 800 pounds.
• Another article stated an unnamed liger to be about 1600 pounds in Wisconsin (Barett, 2004).

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Liger biggest Weights in Pounds. Liger Nook was the biggest of all.
Figure 1. Weights of ligers. Liger in Wisconsin apparently having the largest weight  

If all of these recorded data are authenticated, then the liger in Wisconsin is the biggest liger ever recorded in the world. Nook the liger is also 1400 pounds as well while Rocky the liger weighs about 1200 pounds. Therefore, 3 ligers have dominantly crossed 1000 pound mark, while rests of the ligers are within 1000 pounds. Hercules the liger was heaviest in the world according to the National Geographic but it weighed 900 pounds. It does not matter is if some of the ligers are obese or whatever, the thing is they have become that much heavier and have the huge size and this should be acceptable to all.

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Liger Freckles is the biggest female Liger in the world.
Freckles the liger is the biggest Female Liger in the world. Freckles the liger weighed nearly 500 Pounds. However; at the old age it was weighed around 425 Pounds. This is a huge weight for a female Liger, even a Male African Lion fails to reach 500 Pounds of Weight. This picture belongs to 

Sudan and Samson were other two ligers that lived with Dr. Bhagavan Antle. They were also very famous ligers of their time. Samson the liger and Sudan the liger both weighed more than 1000 Pounds and lived a very famous life at the Myrtle Beach Safari.

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Liger Samson was biggest with more than 1000 Pounds.
Samson the Liger which lived at Myrtle Beach Safari was also more than 1000 Pounds as well. This picture belongs to