Liger: Recorded Ages of the Ligers

These recorded ages are based upon the entire lifespan of the ligers during the captivity. These recorded ages are very authentic as they are specifically retrieved from the reliable news information sources.

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Shasta the liger lived for 24 years
Shasta the liger lived for more than 24 years. The picture is dispalyed the the courtesy of 

Sashta a female liger was 24 years old in United States. Sashta was born in 1948 and died in 1972. Shasta holds the world record for a liger to live as long as 24 years old. It is very rare for even other big cats to live that much long. Shasta's this longer age is a clear indicator that ligers live as healthy and as long as lions and tigers.

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Shasta the liger lived for 24 years at Utah, USA.
Picture of Shasta the liger. Shasta lived for 24 years at Utah's Hogle Zoo.  

A liger lived for 17 years in Bloemfontein South Africa. This liger was born in 1943 and died in 1960. South Africa still has 2 ligers at its one zoo at Bloemfontein. This can be witnessed from the recent statement of Dave Solomoni when he stated that he saw ligers in South Africa.

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Liger Kaliki in United States.
A female liger named as Kalika at an animal sanctuary in United States. 

In one of the research studies about big cats and pyometra disease, a subject female liger was more than 16 years old (McCain et al., 2009). The name of liger is yet to confirm.

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A liger at animal safari zoo in United States.
A liger at an animal safari zoo in United States. The above picture is a Courtesy of 

A liger named as Nook, located at the Valley of the Kings Animal Sanctuary in Wisconsin lived for 21 years.

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Hobbs the liger at Reno Zoo in United States. Liger Hobs lived a very healthy age.
Picture of Hobbs the liger at an animal sanctuary at Reno Zoo in United States. Hobbs the liger lived for 15 years, while according to some reports Hobbs the liger lived for 18 years or so. The above picture is the courtesy of 

Hobbs the liger which lived at Sierra Safari zoo in Nevada lived for nearly 15 years (Unconfirmed reports about its age) (Serving History, 2010). Some reports say it lived for 18 years (Kolotv, 2010).

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Liger Hobbs Lived 15 Years.
Liger Hobbs lived for more than 15 years in United States. According to some estimates liger Hobbs lived for more than 18 years too. However, 15 years old is more authentic source about the age of this liger.  

A well known liger named as Samson died at the age of nearly 13 years. The cause of the death was the renal failure (Blackhills Pioneer, 2006).

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Liger Samson Age was 13 Years when it died.
Samson the liger lived for 13 years. It was one of the favorite ligers of Dr. Bhagavan Antle.  

And even further, there were four ligers in South Africa, which were born around 1935. Even on the records, 3 of them were still alive in 1953. If we estimate their ages as 18 years, 19 years and 20 years. If these figures are true, these ages can highly ideal for the ligers for sure.

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Liger Ages from South Africa.
3 Ligers in South Africa were estimated to be around 18, 19 and 20 years respectively during 1953. This picture belongs to  

A female liger which is still alive today, named as Ariana was shifted to Wildlife Way Station in Oregon in United States. Ariana until now in 2010 lives for more than 16 years and living a very calm and peaceful life at the animal sanctuary.

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Liger Ariana lived 16 years.
Liger Ariana had an age of 16 years and she was still alive as of 2010. No further details were available after that about this liger. This picture belongs to  

There are two ligers in Noahs Ark Zoo at Germany which are 17 years old (as of 2010). Their one sister died 2 years ago, which was about 15 years old.

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German Ligers ages are more than 15 years.
All the ligers in Germany have been recorded to have more than 15 years. This picture belongs to  

Hercules the liger and his three other brothers Zeus the liger, Vulcan the liger, and Sinbad the liger, they all are 9 years old and they are living a very healthy life at animal sanctuaries under the supervision of Dr. Bhagavan Antle who is running a lot of animal welfare organizations such as T.I.G.E.R.S. However; as of 2013, these ligers are now around 12 years old now.

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Liger Hercules is 9 years old.
Hercules the liger with its master Bhagavan Antle at King Richards Faire in United States. Hercules the liger is still alive and living a healthy and active live. Hercules the liger is around 9 years old along with its 3 more siblings with same ages. This picture is a huge courtesy of