Ligers and their Population

There are conflicting reports about actual numbers of ligers that exist up till now. One report suggested that there are almost 100 ligers in captivity all around the world. However, that report was way long back in 2004 (The SUN, 2008). However, this information might be based upon some speculation as well because no other source has confirmed this much amount of ligers’ population. In this article has investigated to reach the ultimate reality about the actual numbers of ligers in the world.

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Liger in Shanghai Anim Preserve in Shanghai China.
Picture of a Liger in Shanghai Animal preserve in China. Picture Courtesy of  

However, according to a recent demonstration of the National Geographic, there are may be around 30 ligers that exist today. All of these ligers are in cages and captivity, since there hasn’t been any liger breeding in the natural environment. Some zoo keepers have also kept ligers as well, as people like to watch them and it serves a source of financial revenues for the zoos and other national parks too (National Geographic, 2010).

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Liger vs Tiger Population
A Liger and tiger sitting at a zoo in United States. There are believed to b e around 90 ligers at maximum all around the world. 

Similarly, according to the statement of one news article, there are only 20 ligers that exists all over in the United States of America. This statement holds confirm evidence for all the registered ligers in the United States of America and they are 20 (Breen, 2010).In 2007, a report by Xinhua News Agency and Tapei Daily stated that there are only 10 ligers that exists today all around the world. Therefore, this figure of the liger has been further reduced to 10 from 100.

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Liger Population, numbers, estimates etc

The report of the national Geographic that there are 30 ligers during the 2009 period can be taken as most authenticated among different claims from different sources. But one thing is highly certain; the population range is in between 10 to 100 which is almost nothing as compared to the global lions and tigers’ population.In 1972, there was only 1 liger all around the world. It was a female liger. Its name was Shasta. Shasta lived more than the average ages of either of lions and tigers in the captivity. Her age was 24 when that female liger died in 1972 (The Telegraph, 1972).

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Liger feeding from China York at King Richards Faire.
A Liger taking milk from China York at an Animal Sanctuary in United States. Photo Courtesy of  

In this current project of we estimated more ligers than being actually stated in different articles. There were 30 ligers in United States, 20 in China, 9 in Germany, 5 in South Korea and 4 each in Russian and South Africa.Therefore, the confirm reports are that ligers’ population in the world is more than 70 at least and it is near to 100. Moreover, the claims that there are only 8 ligers by Xinhua news agency are totally baseless.

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Liger Brothers Playing Together
Picture of Liger Brothers Playing in an Animal Sanctuary in United States. Photo Courtesy of Cindy from Flickr Photo Albums. 

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Liger Population within United States is Highest.
United States has the highest Population numbers of ligers of around more than 30 Ligers in USA. This picture belongs to