Ligers in United Kingdom | India to England

Ligers had their existence in England and United Kingdom during the 19th and 20th Centuries. At that time ligers were presented as gifts to British Queen Victoria during 19th and 20th Centuries. There is not much information about these ligers and their whereabouts onwards. However; there is a firm evidence about their existence within England and United Kingdom.

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Liger in United Kingdom England.
Ligers' existence in United Kingdom can be traced back in the 19th Century.  

These ligers were believed to be born in India and later they were transferred to United Kingdom (England) for Queen Victoria. It is also believed that these were the first ligers ever born in the world during the 19th century in India. There is a big painting about these liger cubs within historical records. There is also a greater possibility that British Royal Army during the times of Colonialism of India would have motivated this cross-breeding program in India to produce Ligers.

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Ligers presented to Queen Victoria of England and United Kingdom.
Ligers at that time during the 19th Century were presented as gifts to Britain's (England and United Kingdom) Queen Victoria. This picture belongs to 

India at that time had abundance amount of tigers and lions. India is the only country in the world which have lions and tigers living together specifically in Gir Forest. The ligers born at that time would have been born through the male Asiatic lion and female Bengal Tigress. Hunting of Lions and tigers was also on the rise during this era as well during British rule in India.

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Liger Reached United Kingdom during 12th Century. Previously there were no ligers in United Kingdom.
The First Ligers in the United Kingdom reached during the 12th Century. This picture belongs to 

Certainly being the only kind of breed of animals at that time would have motivated a lot of individuals within higher army rankings of England and United Kingdom (Britain) to present them as gifts to Britains Queen Victoria. The obvious motive would have been to amaze and please the Queen as they were first species of their kind ever in the history. There is no evidence of a liger born in captivity before these 19th century ligers that were transferred to England (United Kingdom and Britain).

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Ligers were gifted to Queen Victoria of England, Britain and United Kingdom by British Troops based in India.
Ligers were presented as gifts to Queen Victoria by British Troops in India at during 19th and 20th century. This picture belongs to 

Recently in 2010; Hercules the liger also came to England (United Kingdom) for the amusement of the People. At that time Dr. Bhagvan Antle first time introduced liger to the English and British people about various traits of the ligers. Hercules the liger had couple of snaps including British Royal Cars, and also on England’s Double Decker bus as well. Hercules the liger was standing about 13 feet from the ground to have its meal from the top of the Double Decker Bus in England and United Kingdom.

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Liger Hercules visted United Kingdom - London.
Hercules is the only notable liger to have gone through United Kingdom during the modern era. Before that for centuries after Queen Victoria, there weren't believed to be any ligers in United Kingdom. This picture belongs to