Dave Salmoni and Ligers

Is Dave Salmoni a liger expert? Well he maybe if he would have raised a liger or studied any liger in his research. So let's explore more about Dave Salmoni whether he is a liger expert or not and also recall few of its statements about ligers

Dave Salmoni works as a host and animal expert at Animal Planet Television Network. Dave Salmoni has a huge experience with captive big cats such as lions and tigers. However; Dave Salmoni has never raised a liger and never even studied a liger. So does this make him a liger expert also? Definitely Not! So in order to be a liger expert at least you should have some studies and researches about ligers? Does Dave Salmoni has all this? The Answer is no! Here in this article we shall have a debate about opinions of Dave Salmoni about ligers which he usually share with people on media.

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Liger and Dave Salmoni
Dave Salmoni has negative views about ligers. He has given a lot of critical analysis regarding Ligers. 

Dave Salmoni vividly states that it is totally unethical to breed ligers whether incidentally or deliberately. Now this is the personal stance of an individual who works with tigers as well as the lions and has no knowledge or research about ligers. True in a sense that everyone has its own opinion in favor or going against but that doesn't mean that you all of a sudden become a master of it.

He only has two interactions with ligers. He first only saw the liger in South Africa and later he saw a liger in the United States of America. Remember he just saw them like a visitor visiting a zoo not more than it. So by the time he was giving his this statement about liger he just had two experiences with the ligers.

His second statement was that he thinks it is unethical because a lot of ligers have health issues. People breed them for money and people just want them to have to show that they have such kind of a weird looking animal. Their kidneys fail very quickly and many of them have behavioral problems.

His third statement was that many of the cubs die young whenever, they are born.

All of the things which he stated about the ligers were complete myths and they have been proven wrong by many liger experts around the world.

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Ligers are Unethical according to Dave Salmoni.
Dave Salmoni believes that Ligers are unethical.  

• First of all this guy had only two personal experiences with the ligers. This puts serious questions about his knowledge and experience about the ligers.
• Secondly he said ligers have health issues. They have kidney problems. But in our study of many ligers’ death cases almost all of them died with different reason. Only one liger named as Sashta died of kidney failure. But that liger lived for 24 years and almost lived more than being a normal life.
• He talked about liger cubs having a very high mortality rate, but tiger cubs almost have the 50% mortality rate as well. Here is another very important statistic, in China; a tigress has given birth to record 12 ligers in her life at different times. Only 2 of those liger cubs have died. Isn’t this data sufficient to prove this notion wrong that liger cubs die when they are born? • Then he says ligers are weird animals. This is totally wrong, take a survey, and it might come out to be one of the beautiful animals if not the most beautiful.

So the bottomline is that being an expert of one big cat doesn't make you expert of other big cats. One should research and then come up with evidences and facts rather than reading myths which are circulating online.

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Liger Expert - Dave Salmoni.
Dave Salmoni is a Big Cat Expert and his Opinions about Ligers can be significant as well.