Black Liger - Possibilites

Moreover, another important concept is that even within the ligers, the black color does not come on the stripes. The color of the stripes on the ligers is usually dark brown. This color fades away as the ligers begin to age. Therefore, even the black transfer of the color into the ligers is highly doubtful as well. A total black colored liger will not even be possible to achieve. Therefore, the color of black color in ligers is very much less which further establishes very very meager chances of reproducing a black liger in the captivity. It also means that the hormonal structure of the ligers, does not permit them to produce enough black hair on their skin.

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Black Liger
Possibility of a Black liger is very Bleak. In fact scientific manipulations may make it possible to produce a black. Photo courtesy of Marika Bell. has also authorized this picture to website. 

Black jaguars and black Leopards have been witnessed in our daily lives. But they will not help in reproducing a black liger in any circumstances at all. Therefore, the ligers will always remain in their current coloring and shape from the evidence which we have got. And rightly so there hasn't been any unusual colored liger from the sample of nearly 200 ligers from the last 200 years.

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Black Liger Possibility.
The Black Liger's Possibility is almost zero. We don't have black tigers, nor do we have black lions. This highly negates the possibility about the black ligers. Photo Courtesy of Vorbmage. 

Hormonal Disturbance can change the pattern of the ligers from brown to black but that will be absolutely impossible, as no such evidence has been seen in real life especially within big cats. The last option to have a black liger will be to have black dyed liger, else black ligers have no existence in the natural world.

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Ligers Black Color on their Skin. Less than 10% overall.
The Black Color within liger is too much less and far and few. It is less than 10% of the total overall color within ligers. Lions also have very less amount of black colors, while tigers have about 30% of their body with black colors. Yet Ligers inherit only less than 10% of the black color within their bodies. This picture belongs to