Speed of the Ligers

A liger is capable of gaining a speed momentum of around 50 to 60 miles per hour. This 50 to 60 miles per hour speed for a a liger, allows it to be faster than lions and equally faster to the tigers. Furthermore; ligers with this speed are only at the second spot just behind the Cheetahs which are capable of speeding around 70 miles per hour. Dr. Bhagavan Antle is measuring the speed of ligers for many decades at its Animal Preserve (The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species T.I.G.E.R.S.). He has witnessed the speed of 60 miles per hour from a liger named as Sudan the liger and also an average of 50 miles per hour speed from his other ligers as well.

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Liger speed is 60 Miles per hour which is very fast.
According to some sources as of Parrot Jungle Island, Ligers are capable of speeding more than 60 miles per hour. This speed is very fast and even faster than majority of the fastest animals we see in our daily lives. This picture belongs to 

Another important fact is that all the big cats can only maintain the high speeds for less than a minute. That means it is only a matter of seconds when a tiger, Cheetah, lion or liger may hit their top speed while running after a prey. According to National Geographic their body temperature boosts significantly when they run with a top speed, therefore, when this consistent speeding scenario reaches a particular extreme, they have to put a halt on their further acceleration. Or otherwise they might be highly vulnerable to damage their nervous system. The same facts hold true for the ligers as well. They will be very fast but they will only be able to maintain this speed of 50 to 60 miles per hour for only short bursts.

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Liger Speed 80 Kilometers per hour.
Speed of the Ligers in Kilometers per hour. Ligers are almost as fast as the tigers. But there is no doubt about it that ligers can only maintain this speed for only a short span of time.  

According to Dr. Antle who has a liger named as Hercules, a liger can maintain a top speed of 50 miles per hour. This will be more than 80 kilometers per hour. Now the tiger has exactly the same speed as well. Tigers’ top speed is believed to be around 80 kilometers per hour as well. Since ligers are big and long, and their jump intervals are also bigger than both of lions and tigers, it might not be justified to say that ligers have totally inherited the speed of their mothers.

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Liger Hercules Speed is 60 Miles per hour.
Hercules is a famous liger. It lives in Miami at Parrot Jungle Island. According to its Master Doctor Bhagavan Antle, the fastest recorded speed of Hercules the liger was 60 Miles per hour which is more than 90 kilometers per hour. This picture belongs to  

The big body is helping them to maintain this speed. On the other hand the fastest cat in the world is Cheetah which has a speed of more than 100 kilometers per hour. Cape hunting dogs are also capable of reaching the top speed of around 45 miles per hour. The top speed of the lions is around 36 miles per hour. Therefore, the lions even lag behind cape hunting dogs for reaching the top speeds.

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Liger sighting to catch and  outrun its prey. Ligers can speed upto 50 miles per hour.
A liger sighting at its prey at an animal sanctuary in United States. Ligers are the second fastest cats in the world with their speed as equivalent as tigers. Special thanks to 

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Cheetah top speed is 125 Km/h. Liger Top Speed is 96 Km/h
Cheetah is the fast animal on earth. They are capable of speeding at maximum around 125 kilometers per hour. Cheetah can only maintain this speed for less than a minute. Therefore, it sights the target very closely before capturing its prey. Cheetah's speed is big weapon for attack on its prey as well its defense as well. Cheetah lacks strength to fight other big cats and even African dogs but it speeds helps him to defensively run to a safe position.  

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Tigers Fastest speed is around 80 kilometers per hour.
A Siberian tiger is fully capable of running at 50 miles per hour which makes up around 80 kilometers per hour. This is confirmed by the Animal Planet Channel as well as National Geographic Channel as well. Tigers are the most liked animal on the planet even 1% more than house dogs.  

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Ligers fastest speed is around 80 kilometers per hour which is very fast
The fastest speed of the liger is recorded to be nearly 80 kilometers per hour. This is around 50 kilometers per hour. This speed is surprised many researchers as ligers are twice heavier than a lion or a tiger. But their this recorded speed gives them a huge boost for their ability to capture any kind of a prey even in the wild. The owner of the photo graph is Jeff Wilson 

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Speed of Cape Hunting Dog.
A cape hunting dog is capable of speeding around 45 miles or 72 miles per hour. This makes it having a speed advantage much more than even certain other big cats such as lions and Leopards as well. This picture is specifically displayed with the permission of  

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Lions fastest speed is around 40 miles per hour.
This speed of lion is around 40 miles per hour which is less than a Siberan tiger. Even with this less speed in the wild, lions have developed themselves as perfect predators through group work. National Geographic explains them a perfect predator that is built for a kill.