Liger Lyra - Liger Cub from Russia

Lyra is a big cat cub that belongs to the cross-breeding species of bit cats named as liger. Ligers are the biggest cats in the world. Lyra lives in a small apartment in a Russian city of Yekaterinburg. According the pet owner, of Lyra the liger, Lyra is going through special big cat training. This training is really helping it to be nice, interactive and communicating with the people around it. The owner of the Lyra the liger himself is also an animal trainer as well. Even his parents also work in the circus.

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Liger Lyra
Lyra the liger. Photo Courtesy of 

The owner is training Lyra and he is raising this liger to work in a future circus. However, its owner says that teaching a liger and other big cats is never an easier task to do. By the time this information was gathered about Lyra the liger, Lyra was more than twenty five kilograms in terms of its weight and it is just about 3 to 4 months old. Currently in August 2010, Lyra will be a big liger with an age of 3 years. Ligers are capable of surpassing 1000 pounds of weight. As a liger cub Lyra was very curious in jumping and chasing the pet animals like dogs and cats as well.

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Liger Sitting on Rocks
Liger Sitting on Rocks. Photo Courtesy of 

According, to the owner, Lyra is no trouble for the neighborhood surroundings. However, he insisted that people are rather more interested about this new liger cub. They love to take photographs and even cuddle with this beautiful cat as well. Animal rights activists severely criticize the cross breeding for the liger.

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Lyra the liger - Close-up
A Close-up of Lyra the liger in Russia. Photo Courtesy of  

Lyra the liger is an adorable and amazing looking ligers. People all around in Russia and the place where it lives are specifically attracted to this liger. Liger cubs are very adorable when they are young just like lions and tiger cubs. They have unique but adorable playing habits.

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Lazy liger in Russia
A Lazy looking Liger in Russia. Image Courtesy of 

Lyra the liger lives at Yekaterinburg (Ekaterinburg). There is no other liger in Yekaterinburg in Russia. However; overall in Russia, there are 2 more ligers which are at Novosibirsk zoo. There have been reports of Russian LiLigers (Li-Ligers) as well at the Novosibirsk Zoo.

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Liger Lyra at Ekaterinburg (Yekaterinburg) Russia.
Lyra the Liger lives at Ekaterinburg (Yekaterinburg) Russia. This picture belongs to 

Lyra the liger loves to socialize with people. Ligers do have the mild personality and they love to socialize with people. The same is true about Lyra the liger as well. Lyra likes to play as a cub. However; it will be very interesting if she will like to be playful or aggressive with people when it will grow up. Ligers when grow up; they are not that much playful as compared to their young age.

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Liger Lyra Playing on Snow.
Lyra the Liger Playing on the Snow in Russia. This picture belongs to 

Liger Lyra as of 2013, no longer lives in an apartment. Liger lyra is transferred to the Circus now. There have been many bad examples of ligers of being treated badly at the circus, but lets hope this liger lives and experience best circus practices in Russia.

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Liger Lyra Lived at an Apartment in Russia. Now the liger lives at Circus.
Liger Lyra used to live at an apartment in Russia. This picture belong to